Basketball Skills Development Program

The skills development sessions on Saturday afternoons from 4:00 to 6:00 pm at the CVRPD Indio Rec Center (or alternate site in Palm Desert) are not being held on a regular basis.  If players wish, however, it will be possible to schedule times when not in conflict with school practice.  Let me know when you are interested.  There is no charge for the sessions, but for those not members, CVRPD requires a $5 fee per day per player. 

Participants must be girls in high school or above, with athleticism and basketball experience, seriously willing to put in the extra effort required in order to improve! - and have a little fun.  Thus far, everyone attending has demonstrated good progress every session, especially the top players adding to their skills.

WORK for your future in basketball -- and for your school's basketball program success!

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