Know the score, fouls, time; who is hot, who they go to

            Study your opponent – right handed or left; do they drive; do they shoot

            What defense are they playing – now; what offensive plays do they run

            Proper stance – knees bent, feet at shoulder width apart



            Don’t force passes or shots, but shoot when open, in range

            Dribble with your head up; see the court

            Lower dribble when closely guarded

            Keep your body between close guarding defender and the ball

            Put offensive rebound back up without bringing the ball down

            Get back fast on turnovers



            Lay-ups – concentrate; easy off the backboard, don’t hit the board hard

            Lay-ups – use “English”: spin the ball off the board toward the basket

            Jump off the opposite foot from the lay-up hand

            Set shot, jump shot – one handed, sight on front of rim, knees bent

Balance – body weight DIRECTLY over your feet; don’t leap at basket

Eyes – looking at the basket

            Release ball up (good arch), not out; shoot, don’t throw

            Steady ball with your non-shooting hand; release just before shot

            Ball is propelled by fingers and wrist, up-force generated from your legs

            Fingers roll under bottom of ball at release, giving back-spin to ball

            Keep eyes on front of rim until ball hits, to achieve follow-through

Follow-through – “reach hand into basket, drop ball in”



            Don’t forget the player who in-bounds the ball!

            Be aggressive, but controlled – don’t lunge, or leap at 3-point shooter

            Keep your hands straight up to intimidate or block shots

            Want to know where your man is going?  Watch his stomach, not the ball

            Guard the dribbler with your feet, don’t reach and foul



            Be alert

Be aggressive

Be smart

Be a team player


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BB Basics-2.htm                   9/02/01